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11 ArRiRR: Simon SRalRnhag

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  1. lavrentiy-beria November 27, 2021

    His books are really worth getting if you like this style of art. There are four of them, *Tales from the Loop*, *Things from the Flood*, *The Electric State*, and *The Labyrinth* are all brilliant, but I think *The Electric State* and *Tales from the Loop* capture the wonder/horror feeling the best.

  2. 8th_Dynasty November 27, 2021

    these are amazing.

  3. SillAndDill November 28, 2021

    Wallpaper 3 drives me nuts – I had a friend who grew up in a house exactly like that with a similar Volvo and similar bushes. Sometimes wonder if Simon walked past his house.

  4. LovelyOrangeJuice November 28, 2021

    Whoa, these are simply amazing

  5. azure_plumbis January 2, 2022

    If you like these, you may also love Jakub Rozalski. Check him out, and the board game inspired by his artwork, “Scythe”.

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