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ARRRmn CarriagR [1920×1080]

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  1. ChangeTheL1ghts June 22, 2022

    These all rock! Would love if they were in a higher resolution, but 1080p is solid and I understand if it’s what your computer can handle rendering, etc. Great work <3

  2. PK-BoneDaddy June 22, 2022

    From the dusty mesa, her looming shadow grooows..

  3. [deleted] June 22, 2022


  4. K1LLST34L3R June 22, 2022

    I love the model used for this! Sounds dumb, but the rounded shape of her features with the soft autumn colors and trees that shine though just work incredibly well together. It instantly makes it all feel calm – like autumn is coming and it’s perfectly fine that it is.

  5. HolyTrinityMusik June 23, 2022

    Credits to the mediums used are as follows:
    Original Video wallpaper made by The Vault of Ambienceon on YouTube.

    Also for the beautiful portrait picture taken by adutakech on Instagram.

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