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  1. Vanidorr July 3, 2022

    All of these wallpapers are free on my website with sizes for desktop, tablet, and phones (www.vanidorr.com).

    If you want to be notified sooner, I have a newsletter you can sign up to on my website.

    I also have a Ko-Fi page which gives access to 5K desktop versions, additional exclusive wallpapers and folder icons every month. You’ll find it linked on my website.

  2. AlCaPoWn1313 July 3, 2022

    This is so cool! Do you happen to have the picture of the sail without the calendar??

  3. Jonshock July 3, 2022

    White letter on white background.

  4. Suvtropics July 7, 2022

    Excellent as always

  5. Known-Ad9392 July 10, 2022

    Now this shit here is innovative

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