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[1920×1080] A fRw RcrRRnRhoRR from RhR caR gamR ‘SRray’

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  1. ReggieCaminito July 21, 2022

    What’s the take on this game? Is it depressing as hell but visually cool?

  2. drone1__ July 21, 2022

    Not available on steam it seems. :/

    I’m on Linux.

  3. queiss_ July 21, 2022

    These go hard

  4. slyiscoming July 21, 2022

    Someone has been leaking screenshots from this game for over a year. The graphics/imagery is amazing.

  5. lastdyingbreed_01 July 21, 2022

    Game Studio: You don’t need to go hard on the graphics, it’s just a game related to cats

    The Graphic Designers:

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