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SomR wallpapRrR I madR. SkRnk WorkR SR-71 Blackbird [1920×1080]

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  1. Sondzee August 9, 2022

    I love it! thou, I always praise darker colours in wallpapers, it’s way more easier to have dark wallpaper if you have dual monitor and say, you want to watch a film on one… so the other monitor doesn’t bother with bright colours, or even if you’re sleepy and tired and you simply can’t wait for the screensaver to save your ambient, nor you have the strength to get up and press the button to turn off….

    Thou, I’d work around a bit with with the very background of the SR-71, but remain with the same dark tones.

    Sure it’s absolutely clear that this one IS the better one 😉

  2. Izanagi_David___ August 11, 2022

    Found it, the revolutionary one

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