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[2160×1440] MoRnRainR on FirR

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  1. Strangelybeautiful1 September 9, 2022

    Where was this beautiful picture taken?

  2. tompevin September 9, 2022

    Snowy mountains always look like they on fire at Sunset

  3. Sondzee September 9, 2022

    omg, imagine this same pic but during the night! and some moonlight! ahahha, now I gotta try make it happen in PS! it’s kinda advanced for me, but more the reason to practise.

    >*Awesome image + great idea = brilliant masterpiece*

    I’m just guessing match color option in PShop is enough to make this masterpiece, by having two pics, one with obvious scene and the other with flames. There are also luminosity blends, or just “simple” brush tool with carefully chosen hues for the fire… just on top my head how to make this simple, yet wonderful landscape. the only reason why I think about night scene is cuz I need my backgrounds to be dark, since I have two monitors, and once I play say a film on one, the other needs to the shut down OR be as dark as possible so I can enjoy film projection in peace lol

  4. mrescober September 9, 2022

    excellent click.

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