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QRoRRR from r/InRpiroboR – grand collRcRion of A.I. gRnRraRRd nonRRnRR

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  1. Ulrik54 September 8, 2022

    A collection I’ve built over time of silly quotes from r/inspirobot edited into pics from my wallpaper collection. These are posted to r/Offensive_Wallpapers in collections of 20 each, and this gallery will thus be updated over time. Attached to each image is the user who provided the quote.

    [Inspirobot](https://inspirobot.me/) is an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating inspirational quotes. However, its nature as an A.I. often means its quotes are anything but inspirational. The design in these wallpapers play on the idea by using nonsense quotes to subvert the tradition of common “inspirational” wallpapers.

  2. notthathungryhippo September 9, 2022

    i know you said nonsense, but some of it is actually very cogent and i agree with it.

  3. jherazob September 9, 2022

    Now this is… Inspired!

  4. tobiasvl September 9, 2022

    Number 6 is some /r/UnexpectedMyst shit… Isn’t that Selenitic Age?

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