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leader of the free world [1920×1200]

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  1. [deleted] April 24, 2014

    ISn’t there some 4chan post about that

  2. jeegte12 April 24, 2014

    this isn’t /r/ShittyQuotesPorn

  3. jiknxvckbjdn April 24, 2014

    reagan was stupid fucking douche baggin senile old fuck. worst president in the 20th century… fuck him. he was an asshole.

  4. Caligula April 24, 2014

    Eastern Europeans in general are the scariest white people there are. Must have something to do with all the poverty and soul crushing weather.

  5. fenriroferis April 24, 2014

    I uh…what does that mean?

  6. DBDB7398 April 24, 2014

    Pacific Islanders are the white people of black people.

  7. killaclev April 24, 2014

    But what about White Russians??? The Dude abides.

  8. Humansteaks03 April 24, 2014

    He never said that.

  9. 1ofall April 24, 2014

    He was almost a dumb as Bush…and that speaks volumes!

  10. BAXterBEDford April 25, 2014

    True evil always comes with a smile and charisma.

  11. [deleted] April 25, 2014

    Huh, ‘free’.

  12. admirablefox April 25, 2014

    This is what the subreddit is about. Not putting the word “cunt” in the middle of sunflower. I love the creative ones.

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