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SRnriRR on LakR SRpRrior ThiR Morning WaR A Chilly -16C [3840×2160]

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  1. YM_Industries March 16, 2018

    This post was made by a bot. Please [PM me](http://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=YM_Industries) if you wish to provide feedback. (This account is what I like to call a cyborg account, in that it is part robot and part human.)

    Original post: [Sunrise on Lake Superior This Morning Was A Chilly -16C [OC] [4314×6451]](/r/EarthPorn/comments/800j39/sunrise_on_lake_superior_this_morning_was_a/) from /r/EarthPorn

    Additionally, this image was resized from 4314px*6451px to 3840px*2160px using ImageMagick.

    The original post had 139 karma against an average of 166 karma for WQHD images from that subreddit.

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