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Simple Space Wallpaper – First attempt (Hope yall like it!)

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  1. a-bit-unlikely October 23, 2019

    I love it! It’s so nice and clean looking!

  2. daherlihy October 23, 2019

    You created this??

  3. toyg October 23, 2019

    Why are rockets going up? Why don’t they ever go DOWN? WHY DON’T WE GO DOWN?!?

    (With apologies to Rob Schrab)

  4. tpyeah October 23, 2019

    Awesome! It looks great on the phone as well!

  5. SirBe92 October 23, 2019

    Think a version with the ISS in it would be even better 😉

  6. dupokey October 23, 2019

    Love it. I’m now rocking this one on my work laptop!

  7. evillikedeviledeggs October 23, 2019

    Did you get inspired from u/ak077 I really like the colors!!

  8. ThomasTF04 October 24, 2019

    this is really nice, I think I’m going to make a nice desktop with this and r/rainmeter

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