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[Request] can somebody please find a hd version of this image or upsize it to make it not blurry? [1080×2160]

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  1. AutoModerator March 31, 2020

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  2. Dressieren March 31, 2020

    Do you have a higher quality version with a smaller resolution? I can upscale it but with the provided image it would still look rather grainy at the small resolution that’s provided

  3. GramptMSL March 31, 2020

    I find with these kinds of images a reverse search on Yandex works pretty well.

    Don’t have the time today to work on this, here are two better source images for whoever wants/needs them.

    [Volume 3 Cover](https://static.zerochan.net/Shin.Megami.Tensei%3A.PERSONA.4.full.1149752.jpg)

    [White BG](https://i1.yuki.la/3/46/9c8a0a0158f7fba002ee32970d3e22c8e793fbf50eba13d1624424e273736463.png)

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