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I need this Wallpaper in 2K ( 2560×1440 ) can someone find it somewhere or make this one this res. thanks!

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  1. kenpachiramasam April 28, 2020

    Listen here bud, there’s a site [http://waifu2x.udp.jp/] just slap what ever you want and boom it’ll upscale it.

  2. 72APTU72E April 28, 2020


    It’s an anti-aliasing upscaler webapp that is perfect for this sort of thing to keep in mind, I see another very similar webapp also got posted as well.

    Just try to only use jpgs with it as a png (especially wiafu2xed already images) will often go over its file size limit. It also attempts to remove any jpg artifacting, and will better keep those improvements if you save as a png afterwards.

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