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Tria wallpaper generated by Colartive, an android wallpaper generator app. Template user “Tria”. Can try it with your own choice of colors. Drive link in the comments with more versions of same wallpaper.

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  1. CaptiveON May 10, 2020

    Drive link : [Click here](https://drive.google.com/open?id=11wIzW1r5FMgEmbE4iZ64bSygq_oyGJEX)

    For more wallpapers with same template and bonus wallpapers too if you missed.

  2. technobass May 10, 2020

    It’s mesmerizing

  3. F33DBACK__ May 10, 2020

    Oh god scrolling fast when looking at this is strange

  4. AodanGaming May 10, 2020

    Any chance of like a Dragon or Shiba, like the fox one. Would love a red with black background TT

  5. Turtle_1nc May 11, 2020

    Anyone else notice on mobile when you scroll up and down fast it “animates” the picture?

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