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[1920×1080] Request | is there anyway someone can make this more crisp and remove the washy parts, and not so bright? And maybe higher res?

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  1. johnsmiththe July 17, 2020

    What is wrong with you. Please dont use this as a wallpaper…

  2. 7_SAENi July 17, 2020

    Well, everyone has their preferences. [Here you go.](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yxvlpj8c8hyi3na/AAB8cSJoTQXOWKqmjW7pPsUla?dl=0)
    I found the original source, upscaled it a bit, darkened the background slightly, and increased the subject contrast slightly. There is a full-res as well as the requested 1920×1080 resolution in the link. Tell me if anything needs changing.

  3. keviboo0770 July 17, 2020

    Does this sub have a NSFW tag?

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