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  1. gabrielleraul June 9, 2022

    Yes. I. Will.

  2. simplsurvival June 9, 2022

    I answered but the call got dropped cuz they have no cell service ☹️

  3. NinjunoBR June 9, 2022


  4. pizza_for_nunchucks June 9, 2022


    I live too far away. I’d have to shout pretty loud. And even so, I don’t think the mountains could hear me. I’d just end up ornery with a sore throat and I don’t think my neighbors would think too highly of me standing in my yard shouting at mountains a thousand miles away.

  5. Uffen90 June 9, 2022

    Do this wallpaper over the misty mountains (the hobbit) and I’m off.

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