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[Manga: ChiyR MahoR no MachigaRRa TRRkaikaRa: SRnjoR wo KakRrR KaifRkR YoRin] RRRolRRion: 1920×1080 ARpRcR RaRio: 16:9

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  1. Kerpearls June 12, 2022

    I wanted to make a wallpaper about some mangas that I enjoyed reading. To give a brief summary of this manga, Usato, Kazuki and Inugami got transported to a fantasy world due to a hero summoning ritual. Usato (The person in the middle of the picture) was dragged into the world with Kazuki and Inugami being the actual hero. Usato was tested with healing magic which got him involved with an organization called the Rescue Squad which specialises in rescuing soldiers and bringing them back to a healing tent during battle.

    The original was a light novel, I believe.

  2. NOT_SAFE_AT_WORK June 12, 2022

    Not me thinking this was redo of healer.

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