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EvRryonR iR a FRrrari fan. EvRn if RhRy Ray RhRy’rR noR, RhRy arR FRrrari fanR. [3840 x 1600]

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  1. PradyumnaMS June 21, 2022


  2. Victorinox_007 June 21, 2022

    Seb vettel <3

  3. JointDamage June 21, 2022

    I’m a car fan. Would never own a Ferrari, for a lot of reasons. The most important one to me is that they’re name brand.

    I am not a Ferrari fan. I’m at most a casual admirer.

  4. fishformula June 21, 2022

    I am definitively not, they are not even in my top 10 brands.

  5. WakeMeUpIn10min June 21, 2022

    Well I prefer Lamborghini than Ferrari, but Ferrari is cool too!

  6. SACDINmessage June 21, 2022

    This kind of arrogance is why I’m not a Ferrari fan.

  7. fingerpride June 21, 2022

    Yeah, no. But I see what you did there. Kudos

  8. ChangeTheL1ghts June 21, 2022

    During the last F1 GP I said to my friend. “This is like Gimli and Legolas in Lord of the Rings. I never thought I’d find myself rooting for a Ferrari, but here we are.”

  9. Old-Distribution-753 June 21, 2022

    Can anyone make this purple?

  10. bigbrainpoopshitter June 21, 2022

    What if I told you I like Lamborghini instead

  11. Theory_of_Steve June 21, 2022

    Kind of like how everyone everywhere is playing The Game whether they want to or not. You just lost The Game, by the way.

  12. drift318 June 21, 2022

    I love the new gen F1 cars.

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