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Yor ForgRr [Spy x Family] (1406×2500)

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  1. anime-wallpaper November 8, 2022

    You can tell it’s AI generated because it’s good lighting, shading and composition, but style and details are not present. I think most AI art I’ve seen would make decent wallpapers but not many would make great ones. I think pieces would turn out the best if artists used AI inpainting to enhance their existing creations, but we’re still seeing a clear distinction between traditional artists and AI artists.

  2. tanmaywho November 8, 2022

    GOT da chiken ARMPITS lol definitely AI

  3. Past-Philosopher9969 November 8, 2022

    Bro, don’t post ai painting…

  4. shadofenrir November 8, 2022

    Looks amazing!

  5. AJGripz November 8, 2022

    You gotta mark for AI somewhere lol. I don’t mind AI art but it is just good manners to say that it is

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