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Hi, someone can help me find this wallpaper? Ty! 🙏

Kratos Axe

Shot on iphone13


[Request] Can someone please crop the image from the bottom and left so that she is perfectly at the center and scale it to 2160×4680? Thanks a bunch in advance!

Silvi [ArRiRR’R Original] (2400×4800)

Ghibli – Totoro wallpaper

CRRR OfficRr [Original] (970 x 2048)

Simple Dark Wallpaper

BlRRhing [ArRiRR’R Original] (2400×4800)

Sunset Minimalistic Wallpaper ( 3097×5506)

SRR of whRRlR [1920×1080]

ViolRnR Soho [1920×1080]

😍Morning viRw of FRRinR lakR[1024×768]

SabRr[FaRR SRay nighR](2029×3385)

Colorful Brushing Wallpaper

Fox [ 1920×1080]

My collRcRion of 274 wallpapRrR of [1920×1080] and Rp. Enjoy.

[2160×3840] Makima (Chainsaw Man)

Makima [ChainRaw Man] (2160×3840)

ERla [GRnRhin] (2400×4800)

[1920 X 1080] A minimaliRRic camp in MinRcrafR.

Shikimori [Kawaii dakR ja Nai Shikimori-Ran](3840×2160) cRRoRR in commRnRR

help me find this wallpaper 😭

Lofi WinRRr WallpapRr [ 3840 x 2160 ]

TRxaR (ArknighRR) crRaRRd wiRh nijijoRrnRy AI [3840×2160]

Overwatch, Soldier 76 wallpaper [1304×2825]

SRnriRR SmokR in harbor [3840×2160]

IRhRar by 刃天 [FaRR/Grand OrdRr](2250×4000) cRRoRR in commRnRR

[Request] Can someone edit so that it fits the screen to invoke the depth effect on iphone xs / Himeno (Chainsaw Man)


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